A Dance Journey is an unguided dance meditation with no structures or stages that are predefined, nor has Dance Journey any particular goal or outcome. We dance to music that helps us dive deeply into ourselves to explore and express what is hidden beneath.

Dance Journey wants to take you on the path of self-discovery and provide a safe space to simply be in your “Here and Now”. This beautiful dance meditation invites you to trust and “dance the flow”. This process is what Osho called “The dancer becomes the dance.”

Dance Journey celebrates this moment because this is the “Dance of Life and Self-Discovery”.

What You Need To Know

To attend a Dance Journey all you have to do is book a ticket here, bring water, wear comfortable clothes and arrive about 5 minutes before the start time. This allows you to get settled in before the start.
Dance Journeys run for 1.5 hours without interruptions and provide a space where you can dance the way you like. It’s your journey. We love to see you there.
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About Nirgrantha

I started meditating in my late teens and have been on a path of self-discovery ever since. Now almost 40 years later, I’ve created “Dance Journey” combining my long-time passion for dance music and meditation.

I have always been fascinated by how music affects our inner world and transforms the moment. To me, “Dance” has always been my doorway to become more aware and real. I often feel I dance on a journey to myself.

Throughout my lifetime I have been a passionate lover of Rock, New Wave, Jazz, R&B, Goa, House, and simply everything in-between and beyond. Over the last 40 years as a DJ, I have played sets in most of these genres. Today, my greatest enjoyment comes from sequenced music with acoustics and interesting twists of these genres.

I find a rhythmic beat puts me in a trance, while acoustics open pathways to make me aware of my vast inner world, feelings like love, happiness and anger just to name a few emerge. Next, I notice how the perceived feelings change with the music and hence I enter the place of “The Watcher/Witness”.

I love entering that space to watch my body do its thing.


My “Dance Journey” Vision

I would like “Dance Journey” to guide us to a better understanding of how we can become more aware of what we feel and also understand that we are not our emotions. Nothing should be suppressed, just observed and understood. To me, that is bliss and bliss is everyone’s journey.


Please respect others and

ensure the safety of everyone

on the dance floor.


This is a Covid Safe event



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